Notable Case

Operation Zambesi

5th Apr 2011 First on indictment of multi-handed attempted murder, cocaine and cannabis conspiracy with central Queen’s evidence—Manchester

Operation Erasure – Liverpool Crown Court

5th Apr 2012 Defended a man alleged to have been complicit in multi-million pound MTIC fraud by assisting

Operation Khala – Central Criminal Court

5th Apr 2012 The defendant was charged with double gang-related murder. Unanimously acquitted after a three-month trial.

Operation Worcester – Chester Crown Court

5th Apr 2012 ‘One of the most extraordinary cases of modern times’. As described in The Sunday Times

Operation Beath (R. v B.)

5th Apr 2012 Described by the trial judge at Liverpool CC as the largest multi-commodity drug conspiracy ever

Operation Forbear – £380m VAT fraud at Liverpool Crown Court

5th Apr 2012 The case involves over 200,000 pages of prosecution evidence and the trial has been fixed

Operation Lantern

5th Apr 2011 19-handed triad-gang violent disorder. Manchester Crown Court, represented by Abbey Solicitors.

Drug offences / child abuse / sex offences

3rd Sep 2013 Drug offences / child abuse / sex offenses Abbey Solicitors worked on a highly publicized

Assault / Honour related

26th Aug 2013 Assault / Honour related Legal representatives from Abbey Solicitors defended a defendant who was accused

Serious fraud and money laundering

21st Aug 2013 Serious fraud and money laundering In February 2013 legal representatives at Abbey Solicitors worked on

Operation Burleigh – Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court – Counterfeit goods

5th Apr 2013 Large-scale Counterfeit goods. Whereby branded goods in separate containers were imported from China in a

Operations Somerville, Mirato & Redwing (Dale Cregan & others)

5th Apr 2013 Abbey Solicitors were instructed for the only Defendant of Cregan’s nine Co-Defendants who discharged a