Serious fraud and money laundering

21st Aug 2013

Serious fraud and money laundering

In February 2013 legal representatives at Abbey Solicitors worked on a highly publicised criminal case involving an alleged fake goods empire in Greater Manchester.

The six defendants were accused of netting millions of pounds in a fake clothing and goods scam. Fake designer labels, buttons and logos were added to cheap goods – imported from China – at The Late Shop in Greatsone Road in Stretford, Manchester.

Detectives initially working on the case believed the alleged scam could have been worth up to £4.5 million. The products, if genuine, would have been worth as much as £10 million.

Evidence received under Operation Bank – the biggest police operation of its kind in Greater Manchester – revealed that 45 different brand names were added to the counterfeit items.

All of the defendants, which consisted of four men and two women, were charged with conspiracy to distribute and supply goods with false trademarks.