Child Abduction Law

Child Abduction

If you fear that the other parent will abduct your child, or if the other parent has taken your child without notice or permission, laws exist to prevent or punish such actions. The Abbey Solicitors Family Team has vast experience in domestic and international child abduction cases. Our solicitors are familiar with the laws governing abductions and global custody kidnapping (Hague Convention), and we act quickly to reunite you with your child and protect your parental rights.

Child abduction is a common fear in divorce, especially when the other parent has strong ties to another country and has a history of violent or controlling behavior. Many kidnappings occur when divorce is threatened or filed before a court has issued a formal custody order. Sometimes it happens after a court has ruled on custody and visitation.


If you are concerned about your child being removed from the state, a court can intervene with various remedies:

  • A court order granting you immediate custody until a temporary custody hearing
  • A court order requiring the parent to surrender passports
  • A court order for supervised visitation
  • A court order for posting of a bond before parenting time

A temporary or final custody order can also address out-of-country travel to protect against abduction: advance notice, limits on the distance or duration, a detailed itinerary and contact information.


Our Family Law Team parental child abduction solicitors will act vigorously on your behalf if a kidnapping occurs. At the outset of your divorce, we can also advise you regarding abduction prevention.

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