About Us

Welcome To Abbey Solicitors

Abbey Solicitors is a long-established solicitors firm in Manchester.

We provide a professional service to clients nationwide. We are proud of our excellent track record and passionate about delivering affordable legal services for personal, employment and business matters.

What Makes Us Unique

High-quality Services

Working with us is easy because we’ve found out how to get things done faster than anybody else, which means you can relax on the beach while we take care of the complicated legal work so you don’t have to.” That’s what a unique sales proposition looks like.


We were the first firm to go paperless in our city.” That sounds like something. Display your uniqueness. Don’t just say it.


We’re more secure than anyone else since we’ve invested in a global network of safety for you. We innovate by utilising technology and developing processes that are best for the client, allowing us to accomplish work more quickly.