ABBEY Solicitors aims to profitably provide a broad range of legal services while properly observing, at all times, all relevant regulatory and professional rules.


ABBEY Solicitors expects everybody involved within the organisation to devote personal energy and effort towards sustaining the unique culture of the firm wherein approachability and friendliness are minimum expectations.

Legal Services

Legal services are available to clients mainly in the areas of crime, family, business, personal injury and personal law.


All members of the firm adopt an attitude of “approachability” to clients. The individuals working within ABBEY Solicitors pride themselves on maintaining high standards of professional conduct and a consistently friendly atmosphere.


All staff members are expected to be aware of and to observe at all times the Solicitors Code of Conduct and other relevant regulatory and professional regulations.

Change Management

ABBEY Solicitors is committed to a plan of expansion, improvement and modernisation. This development within ABBEY Solicitors inevitably involves change. Everybody within ABBEY Solicitors is invited to contribute positively to the changes involved and the advancement of the interests of all those who participate in the business.