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Nadeem is the Director of Abbey Solicitors and a highly experienced Solicitor having been qualified for over 25 years. Nadeem specialises in all aspects of criminal law, in particular, serious fraud, and organised crime.  He has defended many high-profile cases.

He exclusively defends in serious and complex crime and fraud, together with related hearings in order tribunals.

His Practice includes Murder, Gross Negligence, Manslaughter, Evasion of Duty, MTIC and Serious Fraud, Terrorism, Complex Multi-Handed Drugs Cases and Corruption.

He has defended a number of solicitors and professionals in recent years who have found themselves charged with criminal offences.

Nadeem has a keen interest in challenging Search and Seizure Operations, targeting property and information in the challenging Asset Freezing Orders in the Criminal and Civil Courts.  He also has vast experience in Judicial Review and other Civil Applications and enjoys challenging and difficult cases at the interface between Criminal and Civil Law.

Nadeem, provides an extremely comprehensive and involved service to his clients together with a robust defence to those charged with Serious Criminal Offences.

In addition to criminal matters, Nadeem also specialises in all aspects of Civil and Commercial Law and has represented clients nationwide.