Late night courts proposal prompts solicitors’ anger

Law professionals have threatened to hold the government accountable regarding its plans for courts to be open until 8.30 pm, pointing out that they must recognize the burden of working ‘exceptionally late’ hours. This has come shortly after HM Courts & Tribunals Service announced plans for a flexible working pilot at six courts to help it understand how flexible […]

Ministers advise disability parents to use YouTube over lawyers

A YouTube video and telephone helpline released by the Ministry of Justice should render legal representation redundant in tribunals to determine the special educational needs of children, say ministers from the MoJ and Department for Education (DfE). The resources were created in response to research commissioned by the DfE, with the operation spearheaded by Justice […]

Judge warns of ‘cautionary tale’ of taking free solicitors’ advice

Lawyers should not fear giving their friends free advice but should still exercise caution, dispute resolution experts have stressed. This comes in the wake of a case in which an architect was found liable for free professional advice she gave to friends. A £265,000 claim was made by a London couple who are suing their friend […]

Old data obscures race bias in criminal justice

Old data makes understanding causes of racial bias in the criminal justice system difficult, a report by The Centre for Justice Innovation has concluded. This has created a ‘trust deficit’ for black and minority ethnic defendants, which could lead to them receiving more severe sentences as they are less likely to plead guilty. The report […]

Warning issued over fake firm posing as Linklaters

A warning to the public has been issued by The Solicitors Regulation Authority to look out for messages from an organisation pretending to be associated with magic circle firm Linklaters. The correspondence was allegedly sent from a Columbian company that erroneously described itself as an agent of the global firm. It has been reported by […]

‘Prisons must be responsible for tackling mental disorders’, MPs say

Tomorrow, parliament will commence the second reading of the prison and courts bill. This bill aims to enshrine the purpose of prisons in law, something that has never been done before. Pressure has been put on the government to address the poor mental and physical health states of prisoners by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, […]

SBA-supported solicitors: one in four have poor mental health

According to data from the Solicitors Benevolent Association (SBA) charity last year, as many as one in four of their applicants suffer from mental health issues. Poor mental health was found to be the largest problem amongst claimants in 2016, according to a report on the SBA’s demographics. A sample of 167 approved applications from […]

SDT hearings taking too long

Although cases brought before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) went down from 140 in 2015 to 133 last year, figures show that hearings now take twice as long on average, with two cases lasting ten days. Cases disposed of in half a day dropped from 28 to 18 in number. On the other hand, those […]

‘Unsafe’ Lancashire prison hides £40,000 drug trove

A Lancashire jail has been condemned by inspectors as the most violent they have visited in recent times. The report stated that levels of violence at the “very unsafe” Garth prison, near Leyland, were linked to a major drug problem. £40,000 worth of drugs were recently unearthed along with 350 litres – 616 pints – […]

Will snap poll bring a new lord chancellor to the Ministry of Justice?

Even during a period of repeated political upheaval, four lord chancellors in just over two years is extremely unusual. Should the PM succeed in her goal of getting an increased majority, the title may be handed over yet again. According to speculation within the profession, Elizabeth Truss is likely to be replaced during the reshuffle […]