Manchester: ‘Overwhelming’ nationwide pro-bono response to bombing

Manchester: ‘Overwhelming’ nationwide pro-bono response to bombing

In the last few days, Manchester Law Society has received what it has called an ‘overwhelming’ response to its plea for pro bono advice and representation for those affected or seriously injured by Monday’s attack on Manchester Arena.

Fran Eccles-Bech, chief executive of the society stated that over 100 solicitor firms, barristers, northern law firms, law students and even companies further afield have offered up their services for free to help with the legal issues now facing those affected by the bombing.

She continued by stating that society is working with the local police force so that victims can more easily find the help they need.

The society put out a statement on its website the day after the attack, saying that it was organizing what it called a ‘pro bono advice rota’, and called for firms willing to help with claims and inquests by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Areas requiring the advice of volunteers include financial obligations or debt, death in service or pension, family or child custody, welfare benefits, insurance, property ownership or mortgage, and the administration of estates.

‘It is appreciated that there may come a time when a particular issue, for example complex contested probate litigation, might need to [be] handled on a non-pro bono basis and as such on a conditional fee agreement. However, we do believe that in the early to medium term the approach of member firms should be pro bono,’ the society has said.

‘I know ours is a small contribution in the face of the enormity of the impact of the attack on so many people’s lives, but I hope we can help even a little,’ Eccles-Bach continued.

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